An Introduction To Content Marketing

You may have heard the term content marketing and wondered what it actually means. After all doesn’t every type of marketing contains some kind of content? The term has become increasing popular in recent years, to the point where it is no being overused by many SEOs who are trying to impress prospective clients.

The mantra ‘content is king’, is one which is often repeated adnausium, but what actually is content marketing?

To cut a long story short, it is the creation of content for your website, which is designed to attract backlinks, socials shares and mentions. This may seem like a simple idea and that is because it is. the idea behind it is that instead of constantly chasing after links, you spend a long time creating interesting, unique, compelling content that will attract links naturally. That doesn’t mean to say that you can sit make after you have created the content, as outreach is still and important part of the process.

So what type of content is best for content marketing?

The answer will vary depending upon your niche, but here are just three ideas for great content.

Studies & Surveys

If you have a strong following for your website, take advantage of it and ask them to fill out a survey connected with the services that you offer. Try and ask questions that may through up some interesting results and newsworthy stories. Once you have the findings, compile them in a visually appealing way and reach out to news outlets and other website which you think may be interested in sharing your story. Twitter. Facebook and Linked in are great for spading your story, and if it is good enough you will pick up links naturally as well. Also, try and pick a subject that is timeless. Breaking news stories are great for a week or two, but you want something that people will refer to for years to come. There is a lot of software that can help you with your surveys, including and Survey Gizmo.


Visual representation in the form of infographics shows no sign of going away, so if you can’t beat them, way not join then? Do you have access to data that no one else has? If so. a good idea is to represent it in an infographic. Make it simple and easy to understand, and if your topic is interesting enough it will get shared, is a great site to submit your graphics to because people are always browsing their to find content to re-use. There are many other infographic sites, that you will find. Try this list for starters.

Interactive Pages

People really like linking to interactive pages because they can’t easily add them to their own websites. For example, if you have carried out a study which contains data for different parts of the UK, make an interactive map to display it. Even if you don not get hundreds of links straight away, you may find that you accumulate them over a longer period, meaning that it was very worthwhile creating the content.

Have you got your own ideas for great content marketing? Why not get in touch and tell us all out them?