Is Digital Marketing Worth It? Pros and Cons of a Career in Digital Marketing

Is it worth it to pursue a degree in digital marketing, or is it better to gain hands-on experience? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each career path. The short answer is yes, digital marketing courses are worth it. I have been a digital marketing professional for many years and have been heavily involved in digital marketing training. I have reviewed numerous courses, spoken to countless students, and even created my own courses. Digital marketing courses are beneficial.

Taking one or more courses (in the case of digital marketing) is a quick and effective way to acquire new skills or improve your knowledge on a particular topic. Speak to a program advisor to discuss career change and determine if digital marketing is the right fit for you. Get a practical introduction to digital marketing with a free, self-taught short course consisting of five tutorials. Digital marketing is the production and distribution of all digital content intended for the public by a company, brand, or individual. Become a digital marketing specialist in just 4 to 7 months, all backed by CareerFoundry's job guarantee.

Responsibilities at this stage of a digital marketing career may include understanding the company's needs and strategic objectives and aligning them with the objectives of the marketing team. Therefore, when it comes to selecting what type of digital marketing job you want to apply for, why not try your luck at everything that interests you? You never know what kind of long-term career it could lead to. There are many courses designed for beginners that will teach you the fundamentals and help you get an excellent understanding of how digital marketing works. These tangible skills will be attractive to employers and may replace equivalent formal marketing work experience. It goes without saying that obtaining a digital marketing certification after passing an exam is more valuable than obtaining a certificate of attendance or completion.

When competing for a job in the marketing field, having a certification allows you to stand out from other applicants. The digital marketing team publishes promotional materials along with high-quality and highly relevant content in an attempt to build trust and authority among the public and increase brand awareness in general. In fact, even high-level marketing professionals who have dedicated their careers to press, television, and radio are now embracing digital as a medium. Without a degree, digital marketing talent recruiters from larger companies might not even consider your resume. The digital marketing industry is growing at an annual compound growth rate of 9% as more companies move online.

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