Was Steve Jobs a Marketing Genius?

Steve Jobs' marketing genius was evident in his ability to recognize the potential of Nike, a shoe company, and to use star athletes from the 80s, such as Michael Jordan, John McEnroe and Lester Hayes, to promote the brand. Jobs understood that psychology would play a major role in the success of the company, and he used this knowledge to shape the design of the Mac. He made sure that the base had a slight curve to resemble a chin, and he narrowed the plastic strip at the top of the Mac to avoid it looking like a caveman's head. However, Jobs' success was not only due to the products he sold but also to his approach to selling them.

He created a personal computer with the Mac that would become a symbol of luxury and success for Apple. Jobs insisted that the computer should be taller and narrower than most computers of the time, giving it a more head-like shape. His supply chain knowledge worked with the Macintosh line of computers, which Apple launched in 1984, and then on Next. Jobs was an excellent programmer but it was his skills as a salesman, similar to his idol Edwin Land, that made him stand out in the world of personal computers.

His advertising campaigns showed how much he believed in marketing and public relations. To stay ahead of IBM, Jobs came up with creative and innovative marketing ideas. What made Steve Jobs different from his competitors was his way of thinking and his commitment to achieving perfection no matter what.

Amber Reynolds
Amber Reynolds

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